The best preparation and transition for weaning

“Better performance throughout the entire piglet rearing period.”

During the period before piglet weaning till 4-5 weeks after, the feed intake, health and good technical performance are most critical. To ease the transition of sow’s milk to solid feed, it is obligatory to formulate diets with highly nutritional, digestible and palatable ingredients.


Serolat Concentrates and Prelac

a product range containing 4 groups of dairy based concentrates; Serolat Dairy, Serolat Fat encapsulates, Serolat Lactose and Prelac.


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From milk to solid feed

Weaning is a stressful and critical time during a piglet’s young life. This period has an impact on the welfare, health and later growth potential of piglets. During the suckling phase, to prepare piglets for weaning, it has proven to be a beneficial strategy to provide creep feed next to a sow milk replacer.  It supports the preparation and transition to a 100% solid feed diet after weaning. A good feed intake before weaning followed by compatible successive feeds after weaning supports the animal’s intestinal health and results in better technical results. Diets containing highly nutritional, digestible and palatable ingredients are of key importance in this transition process from milk to solid feed and stimulate a good feed intake. Contributing to a successful rearing period.

Serolat concentrates and Prelac, premium products

To optimally support piglets, Nutrifeed provides a wide range of dairy-concentrated products that bring piglets’ diets the highly nutritional, digestible and palatable ingredients they need for optimal preparation and transition to solid feed intake around weaning.

Serolat concentrates and Prelac is a product range containing 4 groups of dairy-based ingredients:

  • Serolat Dairy – Premium enriched 100% dairy protein powders.
  • Serolat Fat encapsulates – Premium whey micro encapsulated fat-filled concentrates.
  • Serolat Lactose – Ideal concentrated source of high digestible dairy origin carbohydrates.
  • Prelac – The best combination of dairy and high-quality vegetable protein.


All products groups are developed and produced to consist the best powder characteristics, for optimal use in any application and are tailored to be used in formulations for all life stages during the suckling, weaning and rearing phase.

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High-quality ingredients are what we stand for

The Serolat concentrate and Prelac product range contain carefully selected own controlled dairy sources to guarantee the best quality and physical powder characteristics (non-hygroscopic, non-caking, free-flowing and dust-free).

Milk ingredients of the highest quality, produced by the most dedicated farmers in the Netherlands are the basis of our Serolat concentrate products. Dairy ingredients are packed with the right nutrients, like dairy protein and lactose which are very palatable and easy to digest. Providing essential building blocks and energy, dairy ingredients support feed intake and the development of a healthy gut and immune system. Leading to improved performance, lower mortality and profitable piglet rearing. Nutrifeed also makes use of 3 spray drying towers for the production of high-quality whey micro encapsulated fat-filled concentrates.

The same strict safety requirements are applied to the production of Serolat as to consumer products. Each step of the production process includes intensive quality control, which guarantees that every bag of Serolat and Prelac is of consistent high quality both nutritional and physical powder characteristics.

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With a bag of Serolat and Prelac,

farmers get premium feed and Nutrifeed’s years of experience, knowledge, and effective innovation in the rearing of young animals.

In close collaboration with distributors, feed millers and farmers worldwide, we continue to develop and improve our products and services. That way, we support farmers in making their businesses more profitable, now and in the future.

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