Serolat Concentrates

and Prelac

With a bag of Serolat and Prelac, farmers get premium products and Nutrifeed’s years of experience, knowledge, and effective innovation in the rearing of young animals. Serolat and Prelac is a product range containing 4 groups of dairy based concentrates:

Serolat Dairy, Serolat Fat encapsulates, Serolat Lactose and Prelac.

The Serolat concentrate and Prelac product range contains as a basis carefully selected own controlled dairy sources to guarantee the best quality and physical powder characteristics (non-hygroscopic, non-caking, free flowing and dust free). For optimal use in any application and tailored to be used in formulations for all life stages during the suckling, weaning and rearing phase.

Serolat Concentrates and Prelac

Serolat concentrate and Prelac products

Serolat Dairy concentrates

are premium enriched 100% dairy protein powders for use in piglet diets.

  • 100% dairy protein
  • Favorable amino acid profile
  • Highly digestible for young piglets
  • Homogenous, standardized whey protein
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Serolat Lactose

are ideal concentrated sources of high digestible dairy origin carbohydrates for use in piglet diets.

  • High concentrated lactose source
  • Excellent physical powder properties
  • Homogenous, standardized lactose source
  • Controlled own dairy source
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Serolat Fat encapsulates

are premium whey micro encapsulated fat-filled concentrates for use in piglet diets.

  • Micro fat encapsulates
  • Highly digestible for young piglets
  • Ideal fat composition: coconut and palm
  • High energy product in powder form
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is the best combination of dairy and high quality vegetable nutrients for use in piglet diets.

  • Small particle size
  • Benefits of highest quality vegetable and dairy protein
  • Excellent powder properties
  • Contains Lactose
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Dairy ingredients

Dairy ingredients of the highest quality, produced by the most dedicated farmers in the Netherlands are the basis of our Serolat products.

Dairy ingredients are packed with the right nutrients, like dairy protein and lactose which are very palatable. Milk proteins have a superior digestibility and have non anti-nutritional factors. Resulting in a lower risk of non-digested protein present in the hindgut of the piglet which can lead to health problems, like diarrhea. In addition, milk proteins contain all essential amino acids in the optimal profile.

Dairy ingredients provide essential building blocks and energy, supports feed intake, the development of a healthy intestine and immune system.

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Lactose, the best carbohydrate

In an animals diet carbohydrates are an important source of energy. Carbohydrates are classified in three different forms: sugars, starches and fibers. Lactose is an important sugar for young piglets, as it is also the main sugar in sow milk.

Newborn piglets have the digestive capability to digest lactose directly after birth due to the presence of the digestive enzym lactase. In this way, lactose has a high nutritional value of dietary energy, and supports the growth and development of young piglets.

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Spray dried vegetable fat

Fats and oils are essential nutrients in animal diets, providing energy and being required for many important functions in the animal body. Piglets right after birth and weaning lack the right tools to digest and absorb fat easily. To assure that piglets can optimally utilise the energy coming from oils and fats, the fat quality and dispersion are important factors.

Nutrifeed makes use of 3 spray drying towers for the production of our high quality whey micro encapsulated fat-filled concentrates. During this spray drying process, liquid fat is dispersed into many fine fat globules making the fat particles easier digestible by piglets. The milk protein (whey) then encapsulates the fat and works as an emulsifier resulting in good solubility of the powder. Due to the encapsulation, the fine fat globules remain stable and protected against oxidation and therewith of a high nutritional value for a long shelf life.