Piglet and Sow Performance Programme

The unique combination of specially developed products in the Piglet & Sow Performance Programme (PSPP) is the nutritional solution that will give you more.

Lactolat, Porcolac and Goldlac are part of the PSPP, which will help you to better manage sow condition, early life and post-weaning performance of the piglet.

Piglet and Sow Performance Programme

Piglet and Sow

Performance Programme products


a premium diary-based ingredient for lactation diets to optimally support the sow during the high demanding period of lactation.

  • High quality dairy
  • High digestible fat
  • Digestibility enhancers
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a premium sows milk replacer, for a good start of life and the best support in the weaning phase.

  • Palatable ingredients from milk
  • 40% coconut oil
  • 2-phase feeding
  • Contains IMAGRO®
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a dairy-based ingredient for inclusion in pre- and post-weaning diets. Providing a balanced ratio of micro-encapsulated fat, dairy protein, and lactose.

  • 100% Dairy protein
  • 40% coconut oil
  • Three in One Solution
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Laura van der Woude

Laura van der Woude


Improvement of the three critical periods, managing sow condition, early life and post-weaning performance of the piglet will result in optimal performance and profitability for your farm.

The integrated feeding programme PSPP benefits on all these levels. The infographic and below video will explain it in more detail.

PSPP infographic

Gives you more

Every farmer knows how important a good start of life is for the growth and development of a piglet. To assure optimal growth and smooth weaning everything needs to be perfect, from the condition of the sow, to weaning weight and feed intake of the piglet after weaning.

With the ongoing development in swine genetics, litter size will keep increasing while piglet birth weight decreases. Nutrifeed has developed and tested a unique feeding programme, providing the right healthy nutrition exactly at the right time for optimal, sustainable and profitable piglet rearing.

The Piglet and Sow Performance Programme (PSPP) is an integrated feeding programme, consisting of 3 complementary dairy based products, Lactolat, Porcolac and Goldlac. Combining the PSPP products will give you the nutritional solutions to support the sow, improve piglet performance and give you more.

PSPP, 3 complementary dairy based products given you more.

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