Chivalac milk replacers

Chivalac goat milk replacers are a Nutrifeed product. With Chivalac, dairy goat farmers get premium feed and Nutrifeed’s years of experience, knowledge, and effective innovation in the rearing of young animals. We give dairy goat farmers a head start, which helps make their business profitable, now and in the future.

Every bag of Chivalac contains the same consistent safe high quality milk powder with excellent usage properties to reach optimum growth results.


Chivalac products

Chivalac Profit

is a milk replacer for goat kids which can be used directly after colostrum and helps you to achieve a healthy start for your goat kids.

  • High quality whey proteins
  • Contains IMAGRO®
  • 40% coconut oil
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Chivalac Force

is a premium milk replacer for goat kids which can be used directly after colostrum. It contains the ingredients for a healthy start and optimal growth.

  • 100% dairy protein
  • Based on skimmed milk
  • Contains IMAGRO®
  • 40% coconut oil
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Dairy ingredients

Milk ingredients of the highest quality, produced by the most dedicated farmers in the Netherlands are the basis of our milk replacers products. Dairy ingredients are packed with the right nutrients, which are very palatable and digestible. We pay great attention to the taste of our milk replacers, so that good feed intake is guaranteed.

Balance Chivalac

Product composition

The Chivalac product are developed on basis of experience, knowledge and research. Every Chivalac product has an unique composition. Containing the optimal balance between dairy protein and  encapsulated fats and levels of vitamins and trace elements adapted to the goat kid needs.

Our milk replacers can be fed directly after colostrum, are easily dissolved and suitable for manual (bucket) and automated feeding systems.

Imagro Chivalac


Chivalac also contains the unique gut health formula IMAGRO®. IMAGRO® support the entire gastro intestinal tract of the goat kid. It includes organic acids, pro- and prebiotica and an emulsifier, supporting the uptake of nutrients, digestion of feed and a robust immune system.