A good start, makes all the difference.

“The right nutrition for profitable and sustainable piglet rearing”

Pig farmers worldwide are challenged to work to increase efficiency. In creating a profitable business a healthy and productive herd of sows, producing healthy and good growing piglets, make all the difference. To make sure that sows and all piglets, get all the nutrients they need, the right nutrition becomes more and more important.



are premium sow milk replacers for the best support of young piglets directly after birth and in preparation for weaning.

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Piglet and Sow Performance Programme

is an integrated feeding programme, consisting of 3 complementary dairy based products, Lactolat, Porcolac and Goldlac.

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Serolat Concentrates and Prelac

a product range containing 4 groups of dairy based concentrates; Serolat Dairy, Serolat Fat encapsulates, Serolat Lactose and Prelac.


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Piglets drinking at the sow

Optimal growth and smooth weaning

Every farmer knows how important a good start in life is for the growth and development of a piglet. Giving all piglets an optimal and healthy start in life, and minimizing pre-weaning mortality and medication (antibiotic) usage, is a challenging task. It starts with healthy, strong and robust sows, as well as with efficient piglet rearing. Birthweight, sows’ colostrum, early feed intake and high-quality nutritious milk replacers are essential for the performance of the young piglets. Everything needs to be perfect, from the sow’s condition to the weaning weight and feed intake of the piglet after weaning.

Porcolac and Serolat, premium products

Nutrifeed provides a wide range of dairy products that give piglets an excellent start in live which benefits both piglet and farmer, now and in the future.

Piglets drinking sow milk replacer
Piglet eating solid feed

Porcolac sow milk replacers give piglets everything they need directly after birth. Porcolac is tasty, nutritious, highly digestible and contains special ingredients which naturally support the health and resistance of piglets.

The Serolat concentrate and Prelac range brings 4 groups of dairy based concentrates developed and produced consisting the best powder characteristics. These dairy based concentrates are tailored to be used in formulations for all life stages during the suckling, weaning and rearing phase.

Nutrifeeds’ products will help your company and animals grow; better manage sow condition, early life and post-weaning performance of piglets. Only improvement of these three critical periods will result in optimal performance and profitability for your farm.  

Piglet at drinking bucket

The goodness of dairy

To make sure that all piglets, and especially the smallest and more weaker piglets, get all the nutrients they need, the right nutrition becomes more and more important.

Milk ingredients of the highest quality, produced by the most dedicated farmers in the Netherlands are the basis of our milk replacers and concentrate products. The goodness of dairy supports the health of sows’ during farrowing and lactation and it supports her piglets. Dairy ingredients are packed with the right nutrients, which are very palatable and easy to digest. Providing essential building blocks and energy, dairy ingredients supports feed intake, the development of a healthy gut and immune system. Leading to improved performance, lower mortality and profitable piglet rearing.

High quality products is what we stand for

The same strict safety requirements are applied to the production of Porcolac and Serolat as to consumer products, such as baby milk powders. Each step of the production process includes intensive quality control, which guarantees that every bag of Porcolac sow milk replacer and Serolat is of consistent high quality. 

Sales and technical piglet representative holding piglet at a farm in Costa Rica
piglet from the front

With a bag of Nutrifeed

Pig farmers get premium feed and Nutrifeed’s years of experience, knowledge, and effective innovation in the rearing of young animals.

In close collaboration with distributors and farmers worldwide, we continue to develop and improve our products and services. That way, we support farmers in making their businesses more profitable, now and in the future. 

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