Rearing goat kids with the best nutrition

“A head start for a better future”

We are passionate about milk and its nutritional properties and are dedicated to bringing the best out of milk in milk replacers for rearing goat kids. We are convinced that nutrition is the cornerstone for healthy, sustainable and profitable farming.

Goat Kids


a premium milk replacers for goat kids. Every Chivalac product is a consistent safe high quality milk powder, is tasty, high digestible and supports in a natural way the health and resistance of goat kids.

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Chivalac CAIR

a premium milk replacer for goat kids containing all the ingredients for a healthy start, including the unique ingredient CAIR®.

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twee geiten lammeren drinken melk uit speenemmer

How to rear a goat kid successful

The best nutrition, good colostrum supply and attention to hygiene and housing are the ingredients for successfully rearing a goat kid. Dairy goat farmers worldwide know that a healthy and productive goat is established in the initial period following birth.

The increasing demand for dairy goat products offers opportunities for the dairy goat industry. Opportunities that also come with challenges for the farmer – challenges surrounding milk production, labour and investments. When it comes to professionalizing their business, it’s all about the numbers. A healthy and productive herd makes all the difference.

Milk replacers for goat kids for trouble-free rearing

Chivalac milk replacers fully utilize the growth potential of goat kids. It gives them a head start from which they immediately benefit, and they continue to do so further on in their lives.

Chivalac is tasty, highly digestible and contains special ingredients which naturally support the health and resistance of goat kids in the first three critical months. Milk ingredients of the highest quality, produced by the most dedicated farmers in the Netherlands are the basis of our milk replacers products. Each step of the production process includes intensive quality control, which guarantees that every bag of Chivalac milk replacers is of the highest quality.

Chivalac, a high-quality milk replacer product, ensures efficient,  problem-free rearing with less disease and less work for the farmer. It contributes to the essential development that helps goat kids grow into healthy, highly productive dairy goats.

Two goat kids in straw

Profitable rearing business with Chivalac

With Chivalac, dairy goat farmers get premium feed and Nutrifeed’s years of experience, knowledge, and effective innovation in the rearing of young animals. We give dairy goat farmers a head start, which helps make their business profitable, now and in the future.