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NEW: Kalvolac CAIR helps your calves breath easily

Healthy breathing, a shiny coat and optimal growth. Clear characteristics of healthy calves. The basis for a healthy and productive herd and the key to sustainable dairy farming. To help you achieve these goals, FrieslandCampina Nutrifeed developed Kalvolac CAIR.

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A healthy start with Kalvolac means a faster growth into a healthy cow, less antibiotics and lower rearing costs. A healthy cow lives longer, produces more milk and has hence a lower carbon footprint per litre milk produced.

Kalvolac for a sustainable and profitable rearing

Discover our latest innovation for piglet & sow

Essential for optimal farming are healthy, strong and robust sows, as well as efficient piglet rearing. Try out our new Piglet & Sow Performance Programme, which offers healthy nutrition for profitable and sustainable rearing.

Discover our new Piglet & Sow Performance Programme