Kalvolac Protocols

A calf needs a good colostrum supply, attention to hygiene and housing. Ad the best nutrition and you have the ingredients to successfully rear a dairy cow. To support farmers in the best way, Nutrifeed developed informative protocols that contribute to the essential development of calves which grow into highly productive dairy cows.

2 veehouders in een stal bij een kalf

Calf rearing

The calf rearing chart contains an overview of the golden rules of young stock management.

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Calf drinking colostrum

Colostrum management

The colostrum protocol, contains a clear step-by-step plan how check the quality, feed and store colostrum.

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BRIX refractometer

BRIX Refractometer

The refractometer protocol, contains a complete instruction how to use a BRIX refractometer.

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calf in straw


The diarrhea protocol, contains a clear action plan for preventing infectious and non-infectious diarrhea.

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