Respiratory health in calves at the Rotteveel farm in the Netherlands

Other testimonials

The future of dairy farming starts with the calf

The dairy farm of the Hoekstra family comprises father Anne, mother Lianne, son Marco, and daughter Eline. Plenty of cows, but limited young stock. For many dairy farmers, that is…

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Vrouw in stal aait kalfje

Gertie Schouten: “Our calves all receive TLC: Tender Loving Care”

At the Schouten family farm, around 150 calves are born every year. Gertie is a dedicated carer, who focuses huge attention on the colostrum, and uses CAIR milk powders from…

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Providing calf with milk

Jan van der Werff: ‘I should have switched to calf milk replacer far sooner’

Jan van der Werff, a dairy farmer based in Ravenswood in Friesland, switched from cow’s milk to calf milk replacer around two years ago. The biggest difference according to Jan…

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