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Nutritional solutions for healthy and profitable growth

Young animals must thrive every day, there’s not really any other choice. From healthy breathing to energy, we formulate total milk-based product solutions packed with essential nutrients — the kind that help millions of animals around the world live their healthiest lives. The result? Less antibiotic treatments, early weaning and faster growth through convenient total nutrition.

Milk powders: not all proteins are the same

When it comes to calf milk powders, the choice is huge. Nina Hennes, employed at FrieslandCampina Research & Development, is convinced that anyone who looks closely at the rearing of young cattle must understand the quality differences of the powders

From Dutch farms to yours

Simply put: Our nutritional solutions are as direct from the source as you can imagine. In fact, more than 13,000 of the FrieslandCampina dairy farmers are vetted to meet our incredibly high standards for quality. From the moment milk is produced to the day our products arrive at your farm, you can rest assured we’re a safe and reliable source for your young animals’ nutritional needs.

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