The Piglet and Sow Performance Programme (PSPP) is an integrated feeding programme, consisting of 3 complementary dairy based products, Lactolat, Porcolac and Goldlac. Combining the PSPP products will give you the nutritional solutions to support the sow, improve piglet performance and give you more.


The unique combination of specially developed products in the Piglet & Sow Performance Programme (PSPP) is the nutritional solution that will give you more. Lactolat, Porcolac and Goldlac are part of the PSPP, which will help you to better manage sow condition, early life and post-weaning performance of the piglet. Only improvement of these three critical periods will result in optimal performance and profitability for your farm.

The Pig & Sow Performance Programme

Products in the programme


Lactolat is a dairy based ingredient for lactation diets. To optimally support the sow during the high demanding period of lactation, we developed Lactolat, combining the highest quality micro-encapsulated fat-filled whey, with our nutritional emulsifier and phytogenic ingredients. Resulting in better sow condition, higher milk quality and stronger piglets.


Porcolac is a premium sow milk replacer, for the best support of young piglets after birth and in preparation for weaning. Porcolac is supplemented with essentials vitamins, minerals and our Imagro health concept. With our unique 2 phase feeding scheme we help the little ones, by increasing nutrient intake and improve litter homogeneity, and boost weaning performance, by improving post-weaning growth and reduce the weaning dip.


All piglet diets require dairy and Goldlac is the golden standard ingredient to fulfill this need. Goldlac has been developed based on the physiological needs of the piglet. Providing a balanced ratio of fat, dairy protein and lactose. Goldlac improves feed intake, provides highly digestible energy via micro-encapsulated fat containing coconut, and gives a balanced ratio between lactose, fat and dairy protein for all piglet diets.

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