Clean animal housing; but what about the calving pen?

It is essential that you first (thoroughly) clean the calf pens before disinfecting them (among others for crypto) to reduce the infection load and the risk of disease. Leaving the pens empty and sunlight are valuable additional tools. “You may then be able to make do with just cleaning; outside air and sunlight also have a disinfecting effect,” explained Johan Verdaasdonk, young cattle ­specialist at FrieslandCampina, adding the tip that the location of the igloos should be switched from time to time. “In that case, too, the new environment can work wonders. Sunlight, and a clean brick or concrete base all help.”

And what about hygiene in the calving pen? “If a new-born calf ends up with its nose in a pile of dung, you can clean and disinfect as much as you like, but it will have started off with a disadvantage in terms of health.”

Outside air and sunlight are disinfectant, too