Kalvolac still available for every livestock farmer

A whole range of new possibilities for dairy farming

The high quality of and the access to the unique dairy products from FrieslandCampina in the products from Nutrifeed have once again been safeguarded thanks to the strategic collaboration between Agrifirm and Nutrifeed, on the Dutch market. On 1 July 2021, Nutrifeed became part of the Denkavit Group, giving the company even better access to product innovation and research facilities. Agrifirm is a sustainable partner for livestock farmers. Both companies aim to deliver top-quality products.

Photo caption: Agrifirm and Nutrifeed have announced a strategic collaboration on the Dutch market for the products Kalvolac and Chivalac. L. to r.: Sjaak de Kleijne (Young cattle ­specialist Agrifirm), Arnold and Tom van Breematen (Dairy farmers in Soest), Erik Buys (Director, Denkavit) and Dick Hordijk (CEO, Agrifirm).

Dick Hordijk (CEO, Agrifirm), ‘I am delighted with the collaboration with Nutrifeed, in this new form. It is fantastic that thanks to this collaboration, full-scale investment in the Kalvolac and Chivalac products will be continued. It is an example of joining forces to invest in the future, based on a long-term vision and practical farm yard application.’

The unique knowledge of the (young cattle) ­specialists at Agrifirm guarantees perfect application of the products on the farm. This, combined with the R&D capacities and high quality of the products from Kalvolac and Chivalac, will result in healthy, strong and highly productive animals for the livestock farmer.

Erik Buys (Directeur, Denkavit) added, ‘We are bringing together the best of two worlds. Agrifirm is an extremely solid partner, known to livestock farmers as forward looking. Our high-quality dairy products from Kalvolac and Chivalac tie in perfectly with the Agrifirm approach. I look forward to introducing further advances in the future, in livestock farming.’

Agrifirm and Nutrifeed join forces to invest in de future!