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Every lunch break a walk with colleagues. When you work at Nutrifeed, part of Denkavit, it’s the most normal thing in the world. We think personal attention and commitment are important. You can feel that as soon as you walk into our office. Colleagues are genuinely interested and are there for each other. We work hard, but we also make time for fun.


We develop new feed concepts and products, among other things. And it’s not just the development of our products and services that gets our attention. Your personal growth is also a top priority. The lines in our company are short and there are many possibilities. From studying French or microbiology to an Adobe training course. Getting the best out of ourselves, is what we go for.



What is our mission? To be the most attractive partner in young animal nutrition, veal and special raw materials worldwide. That is what we are striving for together. We now work together with more than 600 colleagues. We are active in over sixty countries and have branches in the Netherlands, Germany, France, Spain, Italy and the United States. But no matter how international and ambitious we are, you still experience the family feeling.


Do not hesitate. React to one of our vacancies or send an open application. You will always get a response from us!

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