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Kalvolac for a healthy, sustainable and profitable start

January 1, 2015


Kalvolac is Dutch farmers’ first choice, for a healthy, sustainable and profitable start. Read more about what it can do for the health of your calf, the production of your cow and your herd.

Kalvolac supports sustainability

A healthy start for the calf with Kalvolac means a faster growth into a healthy cow, less antibiotics and lower rearing costs. A healthy cow lives longer, produces more milk and has hence a lower carbon footprint per liter milk produced. As the cow has an increased lifespan, less replacement is needed, which offers the opportunity for selecting the best heifers.

Kalvolac improves profitability
Yearly, dairy farmers breed their own calves to replace part of the dairy cow herd or grow their farm. Rearing heifers is a costly investment and represents a signifi cant part of the farm’s cost price for producing milk. Hence, lowering the cost of rearing itself or reducing the replacement percentage, directly  improves the farm profi tability. And by feeding calf milk replacer to the young animals, more milk can be sold to the factory.

Contact us to use our online calculator. And find out for yourself how Kalvolac can profit your business and your herd, while contributing to a sustainable farming. Use Kalvolac for healthier calves, less antibiotics, more milk, and less young stock on the farm.