How can we help you grow?

High quality standards

From the collection of the raw milk at the farm to processing, packaging and supply, we are committed to the highest quality standards of FrieslandCampina. The basis for safe products of constant quality.

Expertise in fat technology

As part of FrieslandCampina, we are expert in spray drying, emulsifying, encapsulation and fat technology. Our process assures an optimal fat dispersion and stability, for palatable, easily digested and stable products.

Innovation centre Wageningen

Working together at our new Innovation Centre in Wageningen we combine research and development, office, laboratories and a large pilot plant to maximise expertise and nutritional solutions.

Presence around the world

We are international. With a Central Office in the Netherlands and regional sales offices in China, Brazil and Singapore we think global and act local.

corporate value

We believe we have a role in helping to feed the world with nutritious products in a sustainable way. By providing optimal nutrition, we help you rear healthy animals with less antibiotics and at lower cost.

social responsibility

To assure that farmers around the world earn an adequate income to maintain their farms and to create a positive future, we are engaged in various local trainings in Asia. Thanks to better calf management, milk production is increased.

Did you know that our own 19,000 farmers produce 9 billion kilogram of milk annually? This is the basis of all our products.

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