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Nutrifeed is the dairy specialist in young animal nutrition within FrieslandCampina. Using the milk produced by our own 19,000 member farmers, we are dedicated to dairy based nutrition. Our expertise spans the physical, chemical and nutritional properties of milk proteins, fat dispersion, spray dry technology and young animal physiology.

Combining all the resources within FrieslandCampina, we offer optimal nutrition for profitable and sustainable farming.

Our innovations offer sustainable and profitable farming

We are passionate about milk and its nutritional properties and dedicated to bring the best out of milk to animal nutrition. We see nutrition as the start for a healthy, sustainable and profitable farming.

Discover our innovations for calf, piglet and sow

Our total nutritional solutions for piglets offer healthy and fast growth

The consumption of pork is growing around the world. This requires an even more efficient process for raising and feeding piglets. Our complete formula as well as (fat filled) dairy concentrates provide high nutritional value to the piglet.

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As part of FrieslandCampina, we have our own milk: the basis for all our products


As we control the whole dairy chain, from grass to cow to feed, we can guarantee the safety of our products.


Our 19,000 member farmers supply ca 9 billion kilogram of milk annually. As we have our own milk, we can guarantee reliability of supply.

Did you know that we are expert in spray drying and fat technology? This is how we can offer products that are nutritious, easily digested, stable and of constant quality.

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